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Heat Pumps

How a heat pump works:

  • How a heat pump works:
    A heat pump heats water by using energy efficient heating technology similar to that used in conventional air conditioners and refrigerators.
  • A heat pump works like an air conditioner or fridge, but operating in reverse. The by-product is cool air, where the by-product of an air conditioner and fridge is heat.
  • Heat pumps move heat (from the air) to the water in the existing geyser and use this geyser as the storage vessel for the hot water.

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Solar Geysers

What is a Solar Geysers?

  • Solar water heating is the conversion of sunlight into renewable energy for water heating, using a solar thermal collector/panel.
  • The collector or panel is usually installed on the roof of a building, whether the roof is pitched or flat.
  • The hot water is stored in a geyser or storage vessel.
  • Solar water heating systems comprise various technologies that are used worldwide increasingly.

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