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Heat Pump Water Heaters

Why install a heat pump:

  • Currently, water heating could contribute as much as 40% of the total electricity usage in a home depending on life style.
  • The heat pump simply replaces the energy guzzling electrical element in the existing geyser. The geyer element can use up to 40% of the electrical power consumption of a household .
  • On average a heat pump works so efficiently that it uses as much as 3 times less electricity than a conventional electrical geyser element. This means a saving of up to 66% of the electricity the geyser would have used and up to 40% on the monthly electrical bill.

    By installing a heat pump, you will reduce your household's carbon footprint and help to combat global warming and climate change.

Heat Pump - We proudly install the Enerflow Heat Pump
  • The Enerflow Heat Pump was developed over the last 8 years and designed in South Africa for optimal performance in local conditions.
  • Enerflow Heat Pumps are backed by 20 years’ experience and in our opinion has the best warranty and after sales service.
  • The Enerflow Heat Pump is equipped with a user friendly LCD remote display that can conveniently be placed in your home.

The Enerflow Heat Pump has unique qualities:

  • a built in change over switch (not necessary to install additionally);
  • a boost mode - ability to heat water to 75 degrees;
  • a weekly sanitation function;
  • equipped with a user-friendly LCD remote display - can be placed conveniently inside the home. 

Features & benefits of the Enerflow Range of residential heat pumps:

  • Highly efficient and energy saving technology.
  • Backup element in case heat pump is unable to heat water due to adverse event.
  • Already built-in manual change-over switch from heat pump to electrical backup element.
    Heats water to 55°C efficiently.
  • Ability to heat water to 75°C with the aid of backup element (all controlled by the built-in intelligent heat pump controller).
  • Boost mode engages the backup element - in conjunction with heat pump - during periods of abnormally high hot water requirements, ensuring water is heated in a fraction of the time.
  • Timer functionality optimises energy efficiency and can turn the heat pump on or off during certain periods of the day.
  • Automatic weekly sanitation function ensures that unwanted bacterial is inhibited.
  • Automatic built-in defrost function during cold winter months.
  • Auto-reset of error codes after adverse events such as power failures etc.
  • Can heat more than one geyser at a time when connected correctly by a certified installer.
  • Reduced risk of calcification due to lower operating temperature (55°C) than conventional electrical heating elements, therefore less maintenance required.
  • Protection against electrical surges.
  • Robust design of water-side components ensures long life.
  • Internal components mounted on special vibration pads to reduce noise.
  • Ring-main function reduces water usage because heated water can be circulated periodically, ensuring almost instantaneous hot water on demand (similar to systems found in hotels).

Range of Enerflow Heat Pumps

  • Matt White powder-coated.
  • Weather resistant plastic finish.


  • 3kW for geysers up to 100 - 200L.
  • 5kW for geysers of 150 - 300L.
  • 10kW for geysers of 200 - 500L.

 The size of the heat pump is determined by

  • The size of the geyser.
  • The location (cold winters).
  • The amount of people served by the geyser.